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Most Popular - Visitor Management Software in 2019

Easily configurable to the needs of your business, The Receptionist for iPad automates visitor check-in, increases efficiency, improves security, and frees up your front office. With The Receptionist for iPad, yo... Learn more about - The Receptionist

From people to packages, Envoy helps you handle everything that comes through your office front door. As the leader in visitor management, Envoy Visitors creates a seamless and secure visitor registration process... Learn more about - Envoy

Purpose-built for global enterprises like Netflix, Thermo Fisher, Vice Media, Traction Guest is a leading cloud-based visitor management system (VMS) that provides unparalleled security, experience and insight. T... Learn more about - Traction Guest

Proxyclick is a visitor management solution that transforms the way people are welcomed to offices around the world. The 3-app visitor management solution for web, kiosk, and mobile comes packed with features tha... Learn more about - Proxyclick

SwipedOn is a cloud-based, visitor management solution that enables companies to delight and impress their visitors. Starting at an unbeatable $25 per month, you can streamline your front desk with our simple, sa... Learn more about - SwipedOn

Safety and security starts with knowing who is on-site. WhosOnLocation is cloud-based people presence software that allows you to track and manage visitors, contractors and employees. Visitors can sign in and out... Learn more about - WhosOnLocation

ID who's visiting your site now - and what they've been researching across the web. 1) VisitorTrack identifies the anonymous business visitors coming to your website. 2) Then, intent data is fully integrated to p... Learn more about - VisitorTrack

Greet visitors, accept packages, and GET MORE DONE! Administrivia is the bane of every office. Save your adminUTES with Greetly, the incredibly customizable digital visitor management solution. Visitors simply ta... Learn more about - Greetly

Teem's cloud-based platform makes it easy for your employees to meet and book conference rooms, to efficiently manage workspaces and meeting resources, and to measure and analyze your company’s meeting and ... Learn more about - Teem

Raptor Technologies provide a security management software that help your school screen out registered sex offenders, manage custody issues, coordinate volunteers, and respond to emergencies.; Raptor Technologies... Learn more about - Raptor Emergency Management System Kisi is the industry-leading physical security system for modern facilities. Arming your team members with a keyless entry system does more than eliminate keys—it builds a vibrant office cul... Learn more about - KISI Door Security Dashboard for Bluetooth and NFC technology

OPERA Kiosk combines the ability of guests to check in and out of their rooms and the ability to check in for flights into one system.; OPERA Kiosk combines the ability of guests to check in and out of their room... Learn more about - OPERA Kiosk

SiteKiosk Windows is a lockdown browser & kiosk software for safeguarding public-access Internet-PCs, displays and tablets, and protects the browser and operating system against manipulations.; SiteKiosk Windows ... Learn more about - SiteKiosk Windows

HID Globals EasyLobby is a Secure Visitor Management solutions that allow organizations to automate the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a badge and capturing detailed information in seconds by s... Learn more about - EasyLobby

AskCody is the Outlook and Office 365 centric Modern Workplace Platform that accommodates all organizational aspects of meetings, reducing the organizational load by minimizing the number of hours spent per emplo... Learn more about - AskCody

iLobby is a tablet-based visitor registration and management platform that streamlines the check-in process by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badges and collecting signat... Learn more about - iLobby

OnGuard Visitor is a web-enabled visitor management that manage and track visitors in all facilities via standard desktop technology.; OnGuard Visitor is a web-enabled visitor management that manage and track vis... Learn more about - OnGuard Visitor

PinPoint helps your content stay up to date, allows you to update your kiosks globally, has built in customer sign-up, and provides real-time access to each uent trend repoting and automatic notification to hlep ... Learn more about - PinPoint

PassagePoint EDU is a visitor management solution for K-12 schools and districts that allow visito signed in and given temporary badges to indicate their presence is authorized, school staff can be sure they have... Learn more about - STOPware PassagePoint

CI Visitor is a solution that enables organization to have control access to facilities, streamline visitor check-in and check-out, scan driver license to capture detailed visitor information, print visitor badge... Learn more about - CI Visitor

Visitor Pass Solutions is a softwarethat provides security that show who is authorized to be in your facility and who is not and self-expiring badges change color overnight, so they cant be reused.; Visitor Pass ... Learn more about - eVisitorPass

FrontFace is a solution for creating touch-enabled graphical user interfaces for kiosk systems and interactive information terminals which can be used to present any kind of media or content.; FrontFace is a solu... Learn more about - FrontFace

Go Reception is visitor security software that allows visitors sign in digitally and keeps records of arrivals and departures.; Go Reception is visitor security software that allows visitors sign in digitally and... Learn more about - Go Reception

HelloLobby offers a contemporary visitor management system that helps companies to impress their visitors with a stylish and customizable interface with company logo, all information key in on an iPad, smile for ... Learn more about - HelloLobby

HoozinToday is a point-and-tap employee and visitor management system that keeps track of people on the premises, it is an electronic visitor book and time & attendance system in one.; HoozinToday is a point-and-... Learn more about - HoozinToday

Inside App is an app that allow visitor signin and signout processing, detailed reporting, customizable settings, and greeting email notifications; all in a simple app at the front desk, it gives privacy to visit... Learn more about - Inside

KioskSimple securly deploys your self-service kiosk or unattended payment solution.; KioskSimple securly deploys your self-service kiosk or unattended payment solution.... Learn more about - KioskSimple

Kiosk Software can turn any computer into a self-service kiosk and securely displays your website or application and helps manage maintenance time,; Kiosk Software can turn any computer into a self-service kiosk ... Learn more about - Kiosk Software

Linutop Kiosk is a software design to setup a secure internet access kiosk, digital signage system, and a multimedia player through a local playlist or or selection.; Linutop Kiosk is a software design... Learn more about - Linutop Kiosk

LobbyAttendant is a building directory and wayfinding software, that can help with reception services; you can build a visitor interface and make your kiosk an integral part of the welcoming experience for your g... Learn more about - LobbyAttendant

LobbyGuard provide a visitor management systems and visitor tracking solutions that enhance school safety and corporate security.; LobbyGuard provide a visitor management systems and visitor tracking solutions th... Learn more about - LobbyGuard

LobbyWorks Visitor Management is a suite that enhances access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge and track visitors, it gives user the ability to generate de... Learn more about - LobbyWorks Visitor Management Suite

OCR Visitor Management is a software that enables front desk personnel to quickly run a background check and verify the visitor does not appear on any watch lists, process the visitor (including reasons for visit... Learn more about - OCR Visitor Management Software

Q-Flow is a patient management software for managing the flow of customers, agents, tasks, advertising, and information in stores, branches, clinics, and any customer service center.; Q-Flow is a patient manageme... Learn more about - Q-Flow QM (Customer Flow Management)

Sequr Access Manager is a cloud based enterprise access control to eliminate the need for physical key cards.; Sequr Access Manager is a cloud based enterprise access control to eliminate the need for physical ke... Learn more about - Sequr Access Manager

INTRODUCING THE NEW WAY TO OPERATE YOUR SECURITY Trackforce software and apps elevate your security operations and workforce to the next level, allowing you to provide superior security services while optimizing ... Learn more about - Trackforce

Our cloud-based visitor management software, BreezN, is backed by our global military security heritage, hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud which offers SOC 1, 2, and 3 reports. We're trusted by enterprise compa... Learn more about - Veristream

Visitor Control is a security management software that monitor, capture, record and recover visitor information, it has the ability to manage a huge turn-over of visitor data at a time with pre-registration of pl... Learn more about - Visitor Control

A new level of intelligence for visitor management VisitUs Reception is an intuitive and refined application offering an unrivalled user experience. Our mission has been to create a system that strikes the perfec... Learn more about - VisitUs Reception

Yooba Interactive Kiosk Display is our solution for publishing content to fixed installations in public spaces. Regardless of the many possible uses of the solution, the purposes are the same – to visualize... Learn more about - Yooba Kiosk

Access Control is a management solutions that allow user to control, track and manage access to any facility for improved employee and visitor management.; Access Control is a management solutions that allow user... Learn more about - Access Control

Access Sentry is an electronic visitor management system that allows front desk personnel or security record anyone and anything that enters the building.; Access Sentry is an electronic visitor management system... Learn more about - Access Sentry

ACTvisitor is an online visitor management system that updates in real-time and can be used across time zones, locations and devices, and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.; ACTvisitor is an o... Learn more about - ACTvisitor

ALICE Receptionist is a visitor management software that greet visitors, register visitors, notify employees, present information and provide improved security.; ALICE Receptionist is a visitor management softwar... Learn more about - ALICE Receptionist

Whether your photo ID card needs are simple or complex, choosing the right ID card software is important. The right photo ID card software will meet your needs and still give you room to grow, but not overwhelm y... Learn more about - AlphaTrack Gaurd Station


Ara is a Modern, Paperless, Secure and Interactive Visitor Management Solution for your business. Ara, with its conversational User Interface, is completely self-serve and reduces the need for a manual interventi... Learn more about - Ara

Axis GatePass is a Client-Server Enterprise Security Management application, visitor management software, visitor management system that manages activities at the entry points of an organization having multiple e... Learn more about - Axis Gatepass

BePunctual Visitor Management System is a comprehensive visitor management, registration, badging and tracking software solution that lets user register, sign in/out, and tracks visitors effectively and efficient... Learn more about - BePunctual Visitor Management System

BluePoint is a Visitor Management cloud platform for Microsoft Windows Azure that offers access control integration for any vendor and innovative features to make the visitor experience seamless whilst empowering... Learn more about - BluePoint

CapSure is a web-based visitor management software that schedule, process, and report on visitor access to corporate lobbies, and professional buildings to allow authorized users to schedule visitors in advance, ... Learn more about - CapSure

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