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Most Popular - Test Automation Software in 2019

Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Founded by the original creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs helps companies accelerate soft... Learn more about - Sauce Labs

TestComplete is a powerful automated GUI testing tool for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Create accurate and repeatable automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments quickly and eas... Learn more about - TestComplete

Ranorex Studio is an all-in-one test automation solution that is easy for test automation beginners, but powerful for experts. Build automated tests with the reliable capture-and-replay tool, drag-and-drop UI obj... Learn more about - Ranorex Studio

Semaphore is the fastest continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform on the market, powering the world’s best engineering teams. Our aim is to make CI/CD practices more accessible to developers, pr... Learn more about - Semaphore

BrowserStack is a web and mobile testing platform.; BrowserStack is a web and mobile testing platform.... Learn more about - Browserstack

SoapUI is the world's most trusted open source API testing tool; SoapUI is the world's most trusted open source API testing tool... Learn more about - SOAPUI

pCloudy is a Unified App Testing Platform for performing manual as well as automation testing on more than 500 mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) hosted on cloud. It provides hosts of other services like bot ... Learn more about - pCloudy

For REST, SOAP and other popular API and IoT protocols, SoapUI Pro provides the industry's most comprehensive and easy-to-learn functional testing capabilities. Based on open core technology proven by millions of... Learn more about - SoapUI Pro

Test automation to make manual testing more efficient and let developers and testers collaborate.; Test automation to make manual testing more efficient and let developers and testers collaborate.... Learn more about - Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing

With the industry’s #1 Continuous Testing platform, Tricentis is recognized for reinventing software testing for DevOps. Through risk-based testing, scriptless end-to-end test automation, and the industry... Learn more about - Tricentis Tosca

See how your website works & looks in Chrome, FF, iOS, Android + Free trial! Chrome, Edge, Safari, IE+ Run Selenium In The Cloud. Real Android & iOS. Increase Test Coverage. Start Your Free Trial. Live, Remote Te... Learn more about - CrossBrowserTesting

Apache JMeter desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance.; Apache JMeter desktop application is open source softwar... Learn more about - Apache JMeter

Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of your Web applications, Web Services, packaged Oracle Applications and Oracle da... Learn more about - Oracle Application Testing Suite

TestingWhiz is a Code-less Test Automation Tool for Functional, Regression and Database Testing of your Web, Mobile and Cloud-based Applications. It is a Test Automation Tool, which can perform end-to-end testing... Learn more about - TestingWhiz

Zephyr provides the worlds most widely used software test management solutions, powering more than 18,000 customers and 5 million users across 100 countries. Zephyr is leading the global transformation toward Dev... Learn more about - Zephyr

LoadRunner is the industry-standard software solution for application performance and load testing. LoadRunner emulates hundreds or thousands of concurrent virtual users, with minimal hardware, to apply accurate ... Learn more about - Micro Focus LoadRunner

The easiest to use Web Automation tool on the market, widely used by Enterprise QA’s for testing, but easy enough for anyone. Get automating for WPF, Silverlight, Web, HTML, Angular, React, KUIB, iOS, Andro... Learn more about - Telerik Test Studio

Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise is the proven leader in IT quality management and fully supports your quality testing center of excellence (TCoE) initiative.; Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise is the pr... Learn more about - Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise (QC)

Katalon Studio is a free and robust automation solution for API, Web, and Mobile testing. It eliminates the complexities of building an automation framework by integrating all necessary test components with built... Learn more about - Katalon Studio

Tricentis accelerates digital transformation with software testing solutions that help enterprises prioritize quality, develop more reliable software and increase speed to market. The qTest Platform streamlines s... Learn more about - qTest

Increase efficiency and quality of software delivery with test planning, workflow control, tracking, and metrics reporting. Available on prem and as SaaS. Use comprehensive test plans Use test plans that are cust... Learn more about - IBM Engineering Test Management

Ghost Inspector is an automated browser testing service that allow you to monitor and test your websites using real browsers from the cloud. We offer a cohesive solution for easily creating, recording, managing a... Learn more about - Ghost Inspector

Endtest is a platform that allows to create, manage and run automated tests for web applications without writing any code.; Endtest is a platform that allows to create, manage and run automated tests for web appl... Learn more about - Endtest

TestArchitect is more than just an automation tool. It is a productivity platform that empowers teams to develop sets of scalable, easy to maintain tests. Built around the Action Based Testing methodology, TestAr... Learn more about - TestArchitect

As a global leader in software crowdtesting, test IO enables fast moving software development teams with a platform for on-demand QA testing throughout the entire development cycle. Test setup takes just minutes,... Learn more about - test IO

Fast delivery and high quality shouldn’t cause a conflict in software testing. Maintain rigorous quality standards and accelerate application testing on any device and platform with Silk Test (formerly Borl... Learn more about - Micro Focus Silk Test

Actifio provides a highly scalable copy data management platform that virtualizes application data to improve the resiliency, agility, and cloud mobility of your business. It addresses key enterprise use cases in... Learn more about - Actifio

Online Cross Browser Testing; Online Cross Browser Testing... Learn more about - TestingBot

Applause is the worldwide leader in crowd-sourced digital quality testing. Software is at the heart of how all brands engage users, and digital experiences must work flawlessly everywhere. With 400,000+ testers a... Learn more about - Applause

CloudQA is a testing automation platform for web application which allows to build reliable, code less, reusable cross-browser test cases for effective test automation.; CloudQA is a testing automation platform f... Learn more about - CloudQA

mabl is a cloud-hosted, scriptless cross-browser test automation service. mabl is leading innovation in test automation by using auto-healing tests and visual testing to improve the speed and quality of your rele... Learn more about - mabl

Rapise is a powerful and easy to use automated software testing system. It provides the ability to test your desktop, web and mobile applications in a single, easy to use package. With support for myriad technolo... Learn more about - Rapise

Reliable GUI Test Automation that works. Use Squish for the automation of your cross-platform desktop, mobile, embedded and web GUI tests. Testing the user interface of today's applications is a very complex and ... Learn more about - Squish GUI Tester

Eggplant provides GUI driven digital automation intelligence and customer experience insight solutions that test and monitor across the broadest range of interfaces, platforms and devices, and generate predictive... Learn more about - Eggplant Functional

EggPlant Test Automation Suite with capabilities ranging from functional to performance, mobile to desktop, digital to legacy testing.; EggPlant Test Automation Suite with capabilities ranging from functional to ... Learn more about - EggPlant Test Automation Suite

Provar is the only code-free, integrated automation testing tool for Salesforce. Its unique metadata integration makes it easy to build and maintain tests.; Provar is the only code-free, integrated automation tes... Learn more about - Provar

aqua (= aligned quality assurance) is the application lifecycle management solution for software quality assurance and IT project management. aqua combines the management of requirements, defects and manual as we... Learn more about - aqua

EveryStep is a free automation tool that records “every step” of a web transaction and replays the script using a real browser. Schedule scripts to run on your machine at set intervals and receive ale... Learn more about - Everystep Scripting Tool

Applitools provides an end-to-end UI testing and monitoring platform powered by Visual AI for Developers, Test Automation, Manual QA, DevOps, and Digital Transformation teams. Our Visual AI technology transforms ... Learn more about - Eyes

KitchenCI is a test harness tool to execute your configured code on one or more platforms in isolation.; KitchenCI is a test harness tool to execute your configured code on one or more platforms in isolation.... Learn more about - KitchenCI

LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based cross browser testing platform designed to offer all software testing need to cloud infrastructure. LambdaTest platform helps you to ensure your web app elements (such as Java... Learn more about - LambdaTest

Micro Focus Performance Center is designed to help plan and execute tests across multiple global projects.; Micro Focus Performance Center is designed to help plan and execute tests across multiple global project... Learn more about - Micro Focus Performance Center

Automate functional and regression testing of web, Windows, and Java applications, and load test web applications. Most testing solutions are dedicated to functional testing or load testing. QA Wizard Pro does bo... Learn more about - QA Wizard Pro

QF-Test is a software test automation tool for all kind of Java and web applications. Cross-platform for Windows, Linux/Unix, macOS For testers and developers: beginners and experts, integration of Selenium and u... Learn more about - QF-Test

We live only to create hassle-free yet impeccable automation that can transform your business. Qualitia is here to weave the automation magic for all you business-savvy professionals and take you closer to your g... Learn more about - Qualitia for Selenium

QUnit is a JavaScript unit testing framework.; QUnit is a JavaScript unit testing framework.... Learn more about - Qunit

The Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) is an open source, multi-platform, multi-language framework designed around the idea of reusable components, called services (such as process invocation, resource ... Learn more about - STAF

Testleft empowers developers and advanced testers to build and run functional UI tests for web and desktop applications from within their favorite IDEs. With support for Visual Studio and Java IDEs such as Intell... Learn more about - TestLeft

Testsigma is a cloud based test automation eco system with all the essential elements required for Agile & Continuous Delivery teams. A Unified platform for Web, iOS & Android Apps and API automated testing. No i... Learn more about - Testsigma

WAPT Pro is a load and performance testing tool that works for any web site from a simple web service to a customized ERP or CRM solution. Mobile web applications, corporate portals and intranet sites implemented... Learn more about - WAPT Pro




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