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Most Popular - SaaS Management Software in 2019

Chargebee is a PCI Level 1 certified recurring billing platform for SaaS and subscription-based businesses. Chargebee integrates with leading payment gateways around the world to let you automate payment collecti... Learn more about - Chargebee

Saastrax is a software solution to help you manage and control your subscription expenditures. With SaaSTrax you can easily view and manage all software license across your organization, see wasted spend, and aud... Learn more about - Saastrax

Software that manages SaaS subscriptions to keep track of unused, underused, and abandoned licenses. Flexera SaaS Manager helps to optimize spend, uncover Shadow SaaS, secure accounts, and better manage renewals.... Learn more about - Flexera SaaS Manager

Basaas is an integrated enterprise solution for all business apps. With Basaas, companies can individually combine all business apps an consolidate them to a comprehensive an integrated business solution. Basaas... Learn more about - Basaas

Cyclr is a SaaS toolkit for SaaS platforms and app developers, providing a complete solution to serve your customers integration needs -- all from within your application.We enable you to deliver integrations to... Learn more about - Cyclr

SaaSOptics delivers B2B subscription management including subscription billing, revenue recognition and robust subscription analytics.... Learn more about - SaaSOptics

BetterCloud is the mission control center for managing and securing SaaS applications, data, and users.... Learn more about - BetterCloud

End-to-end SaaS optimization platform that unlocks real-time visibility of SaaS spend, usage and compliance.... Learn more about - Intello

Lyme can transform a normal email into a formal notification with legal force.... Learn more about - Lyme Log Your Message

SaaS management solution that helps you to visualize and optimize SaaS spend, detect shadow IT, and monitor application activity.... Learn more about - Alpin

SaaS subscription and cost management solution that helps you forecast subscription costs, manage renewals and licenses.... Learn more about - Applogie

Identify unused or underutilized licenses and track SaaS application usage to evaluate and optimize your IT investments.... Learn more about - Apptio SaaS Insights

Software asset management and license compliance. Avoid legal liability by capturing, analyzing, and managing your agreements.... Learn more about - Binadox

Automate and secure SaaS management for all of your applications.... Learn more about - Blissfully

An all-in-one solution to track, optimize, and benchmark your cloud software subscriptions.... Learn more about - Cleanshelf

Cloud cost management solution that offers spend monitoring, allocation reporting, RI planner, EC2 usage and AWS cost analytics.... Learn more about - Cloudability

dbaPlatform pro services account managers ensure consistent execution for every location. It's truly a "done for you" service.... Learn more about - Google My Business Pro Services

Salesforce license management tool that provides centralized data about software usage, licenses, and user accounts across the company.... Learn more about - LicenseControl for Salesforce

SaaSLicense is a SaaS optimization platform used worldwide that assists enterprise-level organizations in managing & optimizing SaaS.... Learn more about - SaaSLicense

Vendor, spend, and cloud software management for SaaS companies.... Learn more about - Zylo




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