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Most Popular - Outbound Call Tracking Software in 2019

SalesLoft is the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations deliver a better sales experience for their customers. More than 2,000 customers use the company?s category-leading sales engagement... Learn more about - SalesLoft

Outreach, the system of action for sales teams, delivers performance and insights that result in higher velocity and more efficient selling. By automating and prioritizing all customer touch points throughout the... Learn more about - Outreach Predictive Playbooks is built for SDRs and AEs who want to build closeable pipeline fast! Predictive Playbooks does this by helping salespeople get a hold of more of the right people. InsideSales.... Learn more about - Predictive Playbooks

The information shared via telephone conversations with clients and prospects is one of the most valuable assets that a company can leverage. To accommodate the growing need for sales team visibility, Gryphon dev... Learn more about - Gryphon Networks

VanillaSoft, the industry?s most successful sales engagement platform, helps sales development teams engage over 15,000,000 contacts every month. Used standalone, or in combination with existing traditional CRM s... Learn more about - VanillaSoft

#1 Sales Engagement Platform for Salesforce & Gmail Users. Groove helps managers, reps, and operations sell smarter and increase revenue by as much as 25%. Our solution empowers the entire sales organization to p... Learn more about - Groove

RingDNA is the leading end-to-end sales engagement platform that combines enterprise-grade telephony with conversation intelligence for teams using Salesforce. RingDNA helps teams engage with prospects and custom... Learn more about - RingDNA

At ConnectAndSell we believe that when it comes to B2B sales, conversations matter. We are dedicated to bringing back the world?s best sales tool ? the telephone ? and coupling it with the power of our patented s... Learn more about - ConnectAndSell

PhoneBurner is a Power Dialer and Sales Accelleration platform for sales teams of all sizes. Our cloud-based software helps sales agents increase calls, callbacks and live conversations up to 400% - by automating... Learn more about - PhoneBurner

If you?re building a team with ambitious targets, then we believe you need tools designed especially for the way they work to improve performance. Jiminny is the first communications platform built for inside sal... Learn more about - Jiminny

ToutApp is the leading provider of sales software that helps sales teams streamline communications to close more deals. ToutApp?s robust email tracking, templates and analytics help sales teams increase overall e... Learn more about - ToutApp

Tellwise is the most integrated, real time communication experience for you and your customers and prospects. Rather than send emails and waiting for them to respond or answer the phone, Tellwise creates a realti... Learn more about - Tellwise

Velocify? is the leading sales acceleration platform. The company helps more than 1,500 sales teams sell more by bringing speed and control to the entire sales process. Velocify helps sales teams prospect with mo... Learn more about - Velocify Lead Manager

Salesforce Lightning Dialer gains back hours of productivity by communicating more efficiently with prospects and customers. It begins by logging details right from within Salesforce.; Salesforce Lightning Dialer... Learn more about - Salesforce Lightning Dialer

Unleash the Power of Professional Conversations. Truly is the all-in-one enterprise voice platform bringing rep productivity, global telephony, and realtime conversation intelligence together with one tool. Organ... Learn more about - Truly

Close is a sales productivity platform built to help you close more deals. With built-in calling, SMS, and email?your team can communicate with prospects and customers all in one place. It?s an ?all-in-one? platf... Learn more about - Close

DialSource is an enterprise sales acceleration engine and voice communications platform. Sales and service teams use DialSource to dramatically increase productivity, engage in smarter sales conversations, gain p... Learn more about - DialSource

FrontSpin is the leading-edge sales communication software and power dialer. Their platform and power dialer implements your playbooks across all touchpoints, helping you engage with up to 3x more prospects and c... Learn more about - FrontSpin

CrazyCall is a cloud-based app that helps contact centers and sales teams boost performance of their inbound and outbound campaigns. Quick to install, it lets you make and receive calls directly in your browser w... Learn more about - CrazyCall

Enterprise phone service. Intelligent CRM integration. Powerful sales dialer. Level up your sales process with one-click PowerCall dialing, voicemail drops, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, and i... Learn more about - Kixie

Fast and easy integration between Salesforce and your contact centre for better sales, marketing and support.; Fast and easy integration between Salesforce and your contact centre for better sales, marketing and ... Learn more about - ContactWorld for Sales

PersistIQ makes your outbound sales more effective. Launch personalized campaigns with multiple touchpoints in minutes to get more conversations started from your cold leads. Eliminate common mistakes that plague... Learn more about - PersistIQ

ConnectLeader provides sales acceleration technologies for all types of sales roles to increase their top line revenue by increasing productivity from 10% to 800%. Our Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform give... Learn more about - ConnectLeader Predictive PowerDialer is an AI-powered sales acceleration application that aims to help SDR teams connect with the right people at the right times. The vendor's value proposition is that PowerDia... Learn more about - Predictive PowerDialer

Built entirely from the ground up on Google Cloud Platform, Dialpad?s business communications platform provides unmatched mobility, flexibility, and security to more than 50,000 of the world?s most innovative bus... Learn more about - Dialpad

Call Box is the leading provider of phone call tracking solutions. The company's innovative software empowers over 100,000 businesses to Own the Phone by understanding what generates their best phone leads and ho... Learn more about - Call Box

JustCall is a cloud phone system that integrates with your CRM or Helpdesk. Make, receive and log all your phone calls and texts directly from your CRM/Helpdesk dashboard. JustCall automatically logs: -Outgoing c... Learn more about - Justcall

Fileboard is a sales engagement and smart outreach platform that shortens your sales cycle with tools for productivity and customer insight. Our AI-enabled features allow sales teams to see key engagement metrics... Learn more about - Fileboard

Freshsales is a sales CRM software by Freshworks that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to attract, manage, close, and nurture their leads. With a highly intuitive UI and a powerful feature set including ... Learn more about - Freshsales

Sudo is an AI platform that connects to all your data (email, calendar, and phone) and keeps all your Salesforce records up-to-date automatically. If it needs your judgment, it asks you a question. If you need so... Learn more about - IntroLogic

Velocify Dial-IQ is the only click-to-call sales dialer that enables your sales team to have more conversations and ensures they focus on the right prospects at the right time.; Velocify Dial-IQ is the only click... Learn more about - Velocify Dial-IQ

LiveHive?s single, unified sales acceleration platform delivers advanced automation and deep buyer-based engagement analytics to give sales reps insights to advance sales opportunities and arm sales managers with... Learn more about - LiveHive Sales Acceleration Platform

Inside Sales Box is an all-in-one inside sales software to help businesses - big and small - manage, accelerate and engage their sales processes. Built by inside sales domain experts for inside sales teams, Insid... Learn more about - Inside Sales Box

Aspect Unified IP Contact Center brings all contact options together in one place, on one platform, so agents can keep talking, typing and conversing. Aspect Unified IP Contact Center simplifies and flexibly mana... Learn more about - Aspect Unified IP Contact Center

A native click-to-call app in Salesforce. Softphone, local caller ID, voicemail drop and more; A native click-to-call app in Salesforce. Softphone, local caller ID, voicemail drop and more... Learn more about - FastCall Salesforce-native Dialer

Voiptime Cloud call center is a versatile automated calling software for sales & marketing departments and call centers. Our software is designed to keep your agents fully engaged and help your sales managers fac... Learn more about - Voiptime Cloud

Engage Campaigns gives your reps access to a library of marketing-approved email templates and nurturing tracks that they can use to connect with their prospects.; Engage Campaigns gives your reps access to a lib... Learn more about - Salesforce Engage

Analytic Call Tracking by identifies the marketing channels that make your phone ring and has the flexibility to assign phone numbers to each marketing channel like Youtube, Google Places, Facebook, etc.; Analyti... Learn more about - Analytic Call Tracking

FREE 7 day 5 seat FREE TRIAL - Easy inbound/outbound CRM Dialiranng system that allows an agent to dial up to 5 lines per available agent at the same time and take in bound calls. 3 way & transfer calls. Real tim... Learn more about - Predictive Dialer & Voice Broadcast Dialer is a dialer platform for Salesforce and Zoho CRM that makes sales teams more productive. With click-to-call & power dialing modes, Ringio enables your sales team to spend less time tracking activity and m... Learn more about - Ringio

Toky is a full-featured Business Phone System that allows your customers and team to communicate seamlessly using the internet. With virtual phone numbers from around the world, make yourself available no matter ... Learn more about - Toky

Magnetic North delivers SAAS OnDemand productivity and communications solutions delivering call recording and predictive dialing solutions Since 1998, Magnetic North's solutions have been helping Global 2000 cust... Learn more about - Ytel

Aspect Via cloud contact center platform is the only solution that goes beyond the call center to unify the entire enterprise around the customer by eliminating barriers that divide departments and fragment work ... Learn more about - Aspect Via Cloud Contact Center

Our Predictive Dialer is custom built for outbound call centers. It can dial an unlimited amount of numbers simultaneously, and strategically funnel answered calls to agents according to priority, thereby quadrup... Learn more about - Atomic Predictive Dialer

CallShaper provides a Cloud Based Hosted Dialer solution that blended dialing, various outbound dialing algorithms including predictive; multiple lines per agent, full recording with QA features such as Whisper& ... Learn more about - Contact Centre Software

Freespee is a real time conversation cloud for marketers that places every phone and text conversation into its digital context. Marketers use Freespee to monitor, manage and personalise the communication experie... Learn more about - Freespee

Intelliverse's Sales Acceleration software dramatically increases sales results by delivering speed, accountability, efficiency and predictability to the sales process. By using data-driven insights & real-time a... Learn more about - Intelliverse Sales Acceleration

Turns your cold call tracking sheet into a cloud-based light-weight CRM for your team of sales agents.; Turns your cold call tracking sheet into a cloud-based light-weight CRM for your team of sales agents.... Learn more about - myphoner

MySalesDialerPro is a mbile and cloud based inside sales solution that offers a powerful mobile dialer and a cloud dialer,.; MySalesDialerPro is a mbile and cloud based inside sales solution that offers a powerfu... Learn more about - MySalesDialerPro

A platform to run all aspects of all center's operations.; A platform to run all aspects of all center's operations.... Learn more about - predictive dialer software




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