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At 1 Cloud Consulting we always believe understanding your requirements of microlearning software in detail. Only after gaining the insights about your business needs we offer the competitive and comprehensive quotation for Microlearning Software Customizations, Implementation, Training & Support Services.

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Most Popular - Microlearning Software in 2019

A light, engaging learner experience with 95% completion rates - accessible via app or web. Easily create effective microlearning using our intuitive authoring tool and connect to your business objectives.Onboar... Learn more about - EduMe

Whatfix is a leading Digital Guidance & Engagement platform that helps businesses accelerate product adoption by streamlining employee training and learning via real-time contextual walkthroughs. Whatfix powers-u... Learn more about - Whatfix

Learner Mobile is a versatile microlearning platform that correlates to how todays employees use their smartphones and mobile devices to both learn and work, anywhere, anytime. With Learner Mobile, you can crea... Learn more about - Learner Mobile

TalentCards helps businesses mass-train their people on easily-digestible material. Course administrators create beautiful learning cards in seconds and deliver training over mobile to reach learners anytime, any... Learn more about - TalentCards

Connect micro-learning and feedback for continuous personalized development based around real time performance observations of peers and managers.Run learning campaigns for compliance.Use analytics to identify ... Learn more about - Pay Compliment

An award-winning learning management system for businesses looking to boost their team's productivity and performance. With TalentLMS you can create bite-sized learning content quickly and without hassle. Choose ... Learn more about - TalentLMS

iSpring Learn is a corporate training platform with a powerful authoring tool and cloud LMS. Easily train and assess employees, customers and partners no matter where they are. You can launch real mobile learning... Learn more about - iSpring Learn

Create, share and track online training for your employees, partners and customers. Traineaze is an online training platform designed for small to mid-sized companies - easy to get started and easy to use! If you... Learn more about - Traineaze

uQualio - Your organization's own video eLearning platform for Microlearning1) Easy to use - easily recognizable features, no need for instruction, 2) Effective learning - based on videos,3) Motivation - "bite... Learn more about - uQualio

A holistic engagement wellness platform that helps manage & centralize all initiatives: HRA, challenges, steps, polls, rewards, etc.... Learn more about - Optimity

BizLibrary is a leading provider of online employee training solutions for growing organizations.... Learn more about - BizLibrary

Ving connects business professionals with customers/clients to gain valuable feedback through sharing trackable information packets.... Learn more about - Ving

Grovo is an all-in-one microlearning solution that combines smart, intuitive technology with a world-class microlearning library.... Learn more about - Grovo

Mobile Learning Software for the Deskless Workforce in the Restaurant and Retail Industry... Learn more about - PlayerLync

Using adaptive learning and brain science, Trivie helps stop the natural forgetting of information after any training event.... Learn more about - Trivie

A market-leading learning experience platform and consultancy, helping organisations create a highly engaged learning culture.... Learn more about - SmartUp

Turning Information into Knowledge and Knowledge into Skills... Learn more about - mLevel

Microlearning that lets you simplify production, lower costs, & create breakthrough engagement.... Learn more about - ConveYour

Reduce training costs, onboard faster, and get more out of your workforce. Disprz improves your employee productivity on daily basis.... Learn more about - Disprz Learning Experience Platform

You need your employees to remember to do the things that matter most to your business every day.... Learn more about - Axonify

Micro-content employee development, training, and engagement tool that embraces a mobile-first content creation & consumption strategy.... Learn more about - Gnowbe

q.MINDshare: Adaptive microlearning delivery system eliminates the forgetting curve that impedes employee training.... Learn more about - q.MINDshare Microlearning

A microlearning platform for businesses. Educate and refresh your team using micro videos, quizzes & surveys. Track results instantly.... Learn more about - ExpandShare is an online learning company that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals.... Learn more about - GoSkills

Verb is an online leadership development platform that integrates microlearning, peer learning, mentorship, feedback, and assessments.... Learn more about - Verb

Optimize employee training and onboarding program with training content authoring and management tools, usage analytics, and more.... Learn more about - Inkling Knowledge

Strategy, storytelling, and micro-learning to super-charge team engagement, performance, and culture in just 3 minutes a day.... Learn more about - Avanoo

Mobile LMS with template library, push notifications, and analytics designed for microlearning.... Learn more about - EdApp Microlearning

Microlearning platform that enagages employees and encourages learning with discussion boards, gamification, and social features.... Learn more about - Jubi

A mobile solution for companies who want a better way to communicate and engage with frontline managers and employees.... Learn more about - Nudge Rewards

Solve the 3 big eLearning challenges! OttoLearn - your solution for learner engagement, mastery/retention & rapid content distribution... Learn more about - OttoLearn Microlearning

Mobile-first gamified microlearning platform for communicating, training and engaging a large distributed workforce.... Learn more about - Oust

Mobile first microlearning system that enables enterprises to train their employee and partners, anytime and anywhere.... Learn more about - ShotClasses

Provides micro-learning, a CRM, chat, community forums and more.... Learn more about - SOAR LMSi

Uptale offers a platform to create, distribute and track training experiences in 360? and Virtual Reality at scale.... Learn more about - Uptale

Watch and Learn is a microlearning app with employee-generated content. Through use of video, learners can share their knowledge faster... Learn more about - Watch and Learn

The next-generation instruction software that enables companies to create, distribute, and track visual work instructions effortlessly.... Learn more about - Work Instruction Software

q.MINDshare: Adaptive microlearning delivery system eliminates the forgetting curve that impedes employee training.... Learn more about - count5

Mobile-first gamified microlearning platform for communicating, training and engaging a large distributed workforce.... Learn more about - Oustlabs




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