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Most Popular - Embedded Business Intelligence Software in 2019

Looker is reinventing business intelligence for the modern company. Looker works the way the web does: browser-based, its unique modeling language lets any employee leverage the work of your best data analysts. O... Learn more about - Looker

Sisense is the only business analytics software that provides an agile solution for organizations struggling with large and scattered data. The unique In-Chip technology that powers Sisense enables it to crunch h... Learn more about - Sisense

Embedded Business Intelligence for Software Providers Exago BI is a 100% web-based, seamlessly embedded, no plugins required solution for software companies looking to provide ad hoc reporting, dashboards and bus... Learn more about - Exago

The MicroStrategy platform offers a complete set of business intelligence and analytics capabilities that enable organizations of any size or maturity to get value from their business data. Organizations use Micr... Learn more about - MicroStrategy

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a comprehensive cloud analytics platform that empowers you to fundamentally change how you analyze and act on information. Get the benefits of machine learning, AI, autonomous analytics,... Learn more about - Oracle Analytics Cloud

Domo?s mission is to be the operating system for business, digitally connecting all your people, your data and your systems, empowering them to collaborate better, make better decisions and be more efficient, rig... Learn more about - Domo

Developer Grade Analytics. The Logi Analytics platform is specifically designed for product managers and developers needing to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain engaging, secure, and smarter mission-critical ap... Learn more about - Logi Analytics

Periscope Data is an end-to-end BI and analytics platform for anyone looking to answer complex questions with data. Business professionals and data experts use Periscope Data everyday to connect all of their data... Learn more about - Periscope Data

We provide a business intelligence platform that delivers timely, curated analytics to your internal customers so more people use Yellowfin and don?t create their own analytics. In short, we deliver a BI solution... Learn more about - Yellowfin BI

Power BI Embedded provides a simple and straightforward way to bring visual analytics into your app instead of building it yourself. It simplifies Power BI capabilities by helping you quickly add stunning visuals... Learn more about - Microsoft Power BI Embedded

A software-as-a-service business intelligence solution that delivers self-service, data governance and reporting Fast analytics anywhere Provides a unified experience that works the same on web or mobile devices,... Learn more about - IBM Cognos Analytics

GoodData powers the transformation of decision-making for frontline workers within their daily business processes. The GoodData Enterprise Insights Platform is a cloud-based, end-to-end platform that gathers data... Learn more about - GoodData

Dundas BI is a business intelligence and visual data analytics platform that allows you to easily connect, prepare and analyze your data so you can turn it into pixel-perfect dashboards and reports. It provides u... Learn more about - Dundas BI

Jinfonet empowers companies to embed the most sophisticated reports and dashboards into web applications. Through the JReport analytics platform, developers and users gain advanced visualization capabilities with... Learn more about - JReport by Logi Analytics

Mode helps organizations make better decisions by unlocking the value in data. As the single source of truth for ad hoc analysis, data tools, and dashboards, Mode's collaborative analytics platform makes a profou... Learn more about - Mode Analytics

TIBCO Jaspersoft? empowers people to make faster decisions by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes. Jaspersoft delivers comprehensive self-service capabilities and a flex... Learn more about - TIBCO Jaspersoft

Embedded BI & Analytics for Software Companies A leading embedded analytics platform, Izenda makes it simple for your users to access top-tier reporting directly within your application or portal. Our cutting-edg... Learn more about - Izenda

Business dashboards simplified: The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive business dashboards. Its rich selection of visualization widgets provide... Learn more about - Syncfusion Dashboard Platform

Pentaho is a leading big data integration and business analytics company that helps businesses derive value from data. We provide a comprehensive platform that helps organizations solve complex diverse data chall... Learn more about - Pentaho Business Analytics

ClicData is an intuitive, easy to use cloud-based Business Intelligence solution to make performance tracking easy through dashboards. ClicData wants to enable every company owner, department manager or data anal... Learn more about - ClicData

Style Intelligence is a data intelligence platform for interactive dashboards, analytics, and reporting. At its foundation is a powerful data mashup engine that enables fast and flexible transformation of data fr... Learn more about - InetSoft Style Intelligence

Keen is the platform and API used by more than 50,000 developers to capture event data and embed custom dashboards in any application. We build highly customizable platforms by processing billions of events and r... Learn more about - Keen Compute

Collaborative web-based BI platform that is straightforward to implement and use. Kyubit BI uses your OLAP, SQL, and CSV data sources to deliver fast and beautiful reports and dashboards that could be sliced and ... Learn more about - Kyubit Business Intelligence

Dash is a Python framework for building analytical web applications. No JavaScript required.; Dash is a Python framework for building analytical web applications. No JavaScript required.... Learn more about - Dash

Analyzer? harnesses a powerful partnership with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Analyzer?s OLAP-based design lets users explore their data in any direction, allowing them to validate theories and learn mo... Learn more about - Analyzer

The Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component allows users to easily create pivot tables and pivot charts. - Easy to integrate: can be natively used with JavaScript or TypeScript and perfectly integrates with cl... Learn more about - Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component

Analytics for Supply Chain Planning and Data Discovery. Enterprise scaled, rapidly implemented, data secured. Analyze, decide and plan faster than ever before. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Halo is an a... Learn more about - Halo

IAR Embedded Workbench is a development environment for programming of processors in embedded systems.; IAR Embedded Workbench is a development environment for programming of processors in embedded systems.... Learn more about - IAR Embedded Workbench's embedded analytics platform lets you add interactive dashboards to your own software application or customer portal. It is used by SaaS companies & enterprises who value data-driven insights, but don't... Learn more about -

A proven platform for creating powerful business intelligence applications, enabling users from the workgroup to the enterprise.; A proven platform for creating powerful business intelligence applications, enabli... Learn more about - Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service

The world?s most innovative enterprises use ThoughtSpot to empower every person in their organization, from C-suite executive to front-line employee, with the ability to quickly uncover data-driven insights. With... Learn more about - ThoughtSpot

B2B digital marketing and CRM for sales growth. HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner. HubSpot Top Digital Agency for 2018.; B2B digital marketing and CRM for sales growth. HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner. HubSpot Top ... Learn more about - BI integration

ReportPlus lets you connect to your data wherever it resides and visualize it instantly in one place. It gives you the full power of sophisticated BI tools in an intuitive and smart mobile app. Who knew business ... Learn more about - ReportPlus

Zoomdata is reinventing business intelligence (BI) from the ground up. The company?s high-performance BI engine and visual analytics allow users to discover new opportunities and solve problems that are too big o... Learn more about - Zoomdata

Alibaba Quick BI allows you to perform data analytics, exploration, and reporting on mass data with drag-and-drop features and a rich variety of visuals. Quick BI enables users to perform data analytics, explorat... Learn more about - Alibaba Quick BI

Birst provides a fully integrated Business Intelligence platform, designed for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud delivery and on-premise deployment as a software appliance. Our platform combines all the essentia... Learn more about - Birst

Carriots Analytics is a cloud data analytics platform for embedded, Big Data, and IoT applications. It provides secure and rapid free-form data visualization and exploration, scalable throughout the enterprise in... Learn more about - Carriots Analytics

Cluvio is a cloud analytics platforms for startups and SMEs that allows to quickly create interactive dashboards based on SQL and R and share them within your team.; Cluvio is a cloud analytics platforms for star... Learn more about - Cluvio

Develops Google Analytics dashboards and assists with embedding into websites. Can be used for public view, private, or agency reporting.; Develops Google Analytics dashboards and assists with embedding into webs... Learn more about - EmbeddedAnalytics

Helical Insight is a software that helps user to make sense out of data and make well-informed decisions it allows user to connect to any database, flat files, big data, API or any other custom data source.; Heli... Learn more about - Helical Insight

Holistics is a flexible BI automation and visualization software. We help data teams streamline their data preparation and reporting processes so they can get quick answers to their questions.; Holistics is a fle... Learn more about - Holistics Data Software

icCube is a high performance, production oriented BI platform. In essence icCube is a single product with a Java server and JavaScript client. It comes with adequate ETL capabilities, a sophisticated OLAP server ... Learn more about - icCube

OpenViz is a collection of data visualization and data management techniques that can be integrated into any software solution.; OpenViz is a collection of data visualization and data management techniques that c... Learn more about - OpenViz

OQLIS is a data visualization and analytics platform designed to translate data into insights, deployed in the cloud.; OQLIS is a data visualization and analytics platform designed to translate data into insights... Learn more about - OQLIS

Use our platform to distribute and monetise your data and insights to your suppliers and markets.; Use our platform to distribute and monetise your data and insights to your suppliers and markets.... Learn more about - Quick & Easy Monetise

Enhance your current suite of products and improve your clients ability to do reporting.; Enhance your current suite of products and improve your clients ability to do reporting.... Learn more about - simplebi

The Syncfusion Report Platform is a complete solution for enterprise reporting. It shuns proprietary reporting standards and is built on the open Report Definition Language (RDL) specification used by products li... Learn more about - Syncfusion Report Platform

Our mission : tell Business Performance Stories through interactive Data and Data Storytelling. Our users : Marketing, Production, Finance, Human Resources, SalesForces and Top management of Big Companies. From 4... Learn more about - Toucan Toco

Our URSA and DQ Software Product Suites connect your applications to disparate data sources across your organization - whether it's application integration, data mart development, or executive reporting, we can h... Learn more about - URSA Product Suite




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