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Most Popular - Dispensary Software in 2019

Epos Now is a retail management system for small to mid-sized businesses. In addition to its Point of Sale module, the solution also offers integrated Inventory Management, Customer Management, and Retail Account... Learn more about - Epos Now

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that is suitable for retailers in industries such as apparel, footwear, bike, jewelry, pet, sporting goods and home decor. The solution enables reta... Learn more about - Lightspeed Retail

Paytouch brings you less stress and more success by giving you everything you need to sell, manage and grow your business. Accept any type of payment quickly, including cash, swipe, chip and pin credit/debit card... Learn more about - Paytouch

Cin7 is a cloud-based retail management solution with e-commerce, inventory management, point of sale (POS) and reporting features. The solution combines the functions of inventory management, POS, third-party lo... Learn more about - Cin7

AIMsi is a secure end-to-end point of sale (POS) business solution that can be used in any retail environment. This retail management solution features customizable menus and screens, inventory management, comple... Learn more about - AIMsi by Tri-Tech

Hippos is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution designed for cafes, bakeries, quick and full-service restaurants, food trucks and casual dining services. Features include inventory management, ingredient tra... Learn more about - HIPPOS

GiftLogic offers retailers a complete point of sale solution from initial transaction to reporting and analysis. Retailers can choose from basic and pro packages available in GiftLogic in order to build a POS sys... Learn more about - GiftLogic

Agiliron cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution is designed to serve both in-store and mobile businesses as well as online sales channels. The system offers a host of features that work in tandem with the point... Learn more about - Agiliron

IndicaOnline is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution that helps users process transactions and manage daily operations for medical marijuana businesses and dispensaries. Key features include patient and phy... Learn more about - IndicaOnline Dispensary Software

Retail Pro is a specialty retail management software platform featuring POS, replenishment, inventory management, promotions, customer management, back office, performance, and KPI reporting capabilities.Retail... Learn more about - Retail Pro

iVend Retail is an omnichannel retail management solution that helps businesses manage various aspects of a brick and mortar retail shop and e-commerce store. It covers from point-of-sale (POS) to back office to ... Learn more about - iVend Retail

Jane Technologies offers a fully integrated turnkey, e-commerce solution.? By integrating with every industry POS system, Jane allows consumers to view and order products in real time before traveling to their lo... Learn more about - I Heart Jane

CannaPoint is a retail and production management solution built for cannabis dispensaries. Key features include job cost analysis, inventory, point of sale (POS), production control and state reporting.CannaPoi... Learn more about - CannaPoint

LS Retail is a retail management system consisting of point of sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Key features include inventory management, customer management, retail accounting, e-commerce, war... Learn more about - LS Retail

Cashier Live is a cloud-based point of sale program that helps store owners and managers run their businesses on multiple devices. The solution provides automatic backup, accounting tools and reporting features. ... Learn more about - Cashier Live

Cova Dispensary POS is a point of sale system designed for cannabis dispensaries of all sizes. The application offers a touchscreen interface for tablet devices, inventory management, reporting features and more.... Learn more about - Cova Dispensary POS

Greenline is a cloud-based retail management solution that allows cannabis dispensaries to manage their point of sale activities. Key features include inventory management, POS registers, sales tracking, reportin... Learn more about - Greenline

ShopKeep is an iPad-based POS for retail businesses, restaurants, bars, franchises and quick-serve businesses. The multi-feature solution offers tools to manage registrations, booking, marketing, inventory, staff... Learn more about - ShopKeep

QuickBooks POS is a retail point of sale system suitable for various small businesses such as clothing and shoe stores, small franchises, sporting goods stores and gift shops. It offers inventory and customer man... Learn more about - QuickBooks POS

3dcart is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that helps businesses build online stores with built-in shipping and payment functionalities. Businesses can create online stores using their own designs or premade web... Learn more about - 3dcart

CashFootprint is a retail management solution that offers point of sale (POS), inventory management, customer management, loyalty programs and reporting. The solution helps small and midsize businesses organize a... Learn more about - CashFootprint Professional

GoFrugal POS is a hybrid point of sale (POS) solution that helps retailers across various industries, to manage their distribution and billing routines and automate financial transactions. The solution can be dep... Learn more about - GoFrugal POS

Mi9 Retail is a retail management solution suitable for businesses in a variety of industries. Key features include point of sale (POS), inventory management, analytics, e-commerce and order management.Mi9 Reta... Learn more about - Mi9 Retail

Paladin POS is an on-premise point-of-sale (POS) solution designed for small and midsize businesses. It offers return order management, checkout, discount management and customer loyalty program management functi... Learn more about - Paladin POS

Lead Commerce is an integrated order management suite that offers applications like inventory management, merchandise planning, and customer relationship management. The solution helps small and midsize businesse... Learn more about - Lead Commerce

Pulse Commerce is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system for small to midsize retailers, including jewelry stores, pharmacies and apparel. Pulse Commerce offers integrated POS, inventory management, customer ma... Learn more about - Pulse Commerce

Tillpoint is a cloud-based business management and electronic point of sale (EPOS) solution for retail stores, restaurants and the hospitality industry. The solution provides modules for inventory management, acc... Learn more about - Tillpoint

RetailMagic is an on-premise retail management solution for small and midsize retail and service businesses, such as pet stores, interior designers, giftware stores and more. It provides an integrated RMS solutio... Learn more about - RetailMagic

Retail Management Hero is a point of sale (POS) solution for small to midsize businesses and single-store operations in industries such as convenience, grocery, apparel, sporting goods, wine and spirits, gift and... Learn more about - Retail Management Hero

IBM Watson Commerce features a collection of solutions designed to allow businesses to complete digital B2B and B2C sales. The eCommerce platform, IBM Digital Commerce, manages all online sales and includes the a... Learn more about - IBM Watson Commerce

Storezigo POS is a cloud-based accounting and point of sale solution that helps businesses to manage their inventories and provides a built-in billing system. The solution provides e-commerce website integrations... Learn more about - Storezigo

Bemacash is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that helps users manage day-to-day operations for retail stores, gift shops, boutiques and online stores.The purchase order module allows users to plan and... Learn more about - Bemacash

RetailbeanLite is a cloud-based retail point of sale (POS) solution that caters to small and midsize businesses across various retail verticals. The solution helps users to manage sales, inventory and customer pr... Learn more about - RetailBeanLite

Ordering is a cloud-based delivery solution designed for a variety of industry verticals including food delivery, grocery delivery, catering business, medical stores, cannabis and florists. Key features include a... Learn more about - Ordering

POServe by Accrete provides a complete system for ease and automation of business chain management workflow. POServe Software gets all your tasks done, whether it is centralized control, customer account manageme... Learn more about - POServe

Retail Plus is a point of sale (POS) solution suitable for small businesses. It offers billing and invoicing, payment processing, customer tracking, reporting and inventory management.Along with a point of sale... Learn more about - Retail Plus

Flowhub is a cloud-based point of sales (POS) solution for dispensaries. Key features include activity tracking, cost management, inventory management, a configurable product catalog, custom report generation and... Learn more about - Flowhub




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