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Most Popular - Daycare Software in 2019

EZCare is a cloud-based childcare management solution that includes functionality for enrollment, billing, scheduling and parent engagement.EZCare family engagement tools include EZSmiles, a mobile app that all... Learn more about - EZCare

Kindertales is a cloud-based child care management solution that helps daycare centers to manage their operations electronically. The solution can be accessed remotely by parents, teachers and childcare providers... Learn more about - Kindertales

Procare is a childcare management solution designed for childcare centers, daycare, after-school programs, school districts and child activity centers. Procare?s modular format allows centers to choose the module... Learn more about - Procare

Kangarootime is an automated child care management solution designed for directors, owners and parents. The solution is deployed in the cloud and offers features including recordkeeping, employee management, clas... Learn more about - Kangarootime

Brightwheel is a software solution built to modernize all childcare, daycare, and preschool programs by helping operate more smoothly, manage with less manual work, and most importantly, give back time to those l... Learn more about - brightwheel

Sandbox Childcare Management is a cloud-based child care management software solution that enables child care and daycare center owners to manage their day-to-day operations by automating functions such as record... Learn more about - Sandbox Child Care Management

HiMama is a cloud-based child care management solution that helps child care centers and professionals to manage their business routines such as administrative reporting, program planning, interactions with paren... Learn more about - HiMama

Kinderlime is a cloud-based child care platform suitable for day care centers, after school programs and other childcare businesses of all sizes. Kinderlime offers sign-in and sign-out, attendance tracking, billi... Learn more about - Kinderlime

Prime Child Care is a cloud-based child-care management solution that offers preschools and child care centers a single platform from which to manage administrative, communicative and financial processes. The sys... Learn more about - Prime Child Care

KidReports is a cloud-based child care management solution that facilitates parent engagement and classroom engagement in the digital environment. The solution lets parents access pictures and videos of their chi... Learn more about - KidReports

Jackrabbit Care is a cloud-based child care management solution for child care centers, after-school programs and preschool programs. This solution helps users manage enrollment, attendance, scheduling, billing a... Learn more about - Jackrabbit Care

LifeCubby is a cloud-based child care management solution designed specifically for early education programs. Key features include billing and payments processing, parent communication, digital check-in and check... Learn more about - LifeCubby

Amilia is an online registration and client membership management solution designed primarily for small and midsize businesses. It helps businesses collaborate with members through registration management, billin... Learn more about - Amilia

Childcare Sage is an on-premise childcare management solution that can be installed on multiple computers operating within the same center. It offers functionalities such as billing management, payroll management... Learn more about - Childcare Sage

SmartCare is a cloud-based childcare solution that connects childcare center owners, teachers and parents in real time through a web interface. SmartCare is fit for childcare centers and K-12 schools in the US. I... Learn more about - SmartCare

Educa is a cloud-based communications platform for child care centers, preschools and early learning programs. It enables teachers, parents and administrators to communicate and stay informed about student milest... Learn more about - Educa

Kaymbu is a cloud-based family engagement and classroom documentation solution designed for parents, schools and teachers. Key features include documentation, assessment, messaging and photobooks. It connects par... Learn more about - Kaymbu

Childcare Manager is a cloud-based childcare management software solution that features attendance management, online enrollments, tuition collection, accounting and contact management. The solution can also be d... Learn more about - Childcare Manager

CommunityPass is a cloud-based recreation and school management solution. It is designed to cater to the needs of community schools, parent-teacher organizations, sports leagues and public, private as well as cha... Learn more about - CommunityPass

ASAP is a cloud-based class and membership management solution that caters to the needs of both small and midsize organizations and large enterprises. The solution helps organizations manage classes, after-school... Learn more about - ASAP

myKidzDay is a cloud-based daycare solution designed for teachers, parents and daycare owners. ?The solution provides communication between parents and child care providers. Key features include reporting, attend... Learn more about - myKidzDay

ChildWatch is a cloud-based childcare management solution that includes tools to manage small and midsize childcare and home daycare centers. Key modules include childcare center management, parent portal managem... Learn more about - ChildWatch

ACTIVE Educate is a cloud-based class registration solution designed for studios of all sizes. It offers online registration, marketing and online membership management functionalities within a suite.ACTIVE Edu... Learn more about - ACTIVE Educate

Just Fill Out by Blue Burro is a cloud-based child care enrollment solution. It is designed for child care centers, day camps and schools. The solution provides document management for child care centers and allo... Learn more about - Just Fill Out

Daycarez is a cloud-based child care management solution. The solution caters to the needs of parents and teachers. Key features include a dashboard, analytics, attendance, a notice board, fee and payment managem... Learn more about - Daycarez

EduKids Connect is a mobile and internet-based system that supports early childhood programs. It directly links parents and teachers to prevent any uncertainties about the safety of the children. Parents can see ... Learn more about - EduKids Connect

Discover is a cloud-based child care administration management platform for professional child care centers, after school programs, preschools, kindergartens, faith-based centers, daycares and Montessori schools.... Learn more about - Discover

Parents Connect App is offered as a mobile-based application to facilitate communication between parents and childcare facilities. The app can be customized and deployed on smartphones or tablets, which allows pa... Learn more about - Parents Connect App

Jovial is a cloud-based child care management solution designed specifically for parent-run, co-op preschools. Key features include enrollment management, recordkeeping, tuition accounting and requirements tracki... Learn more about - Jovial is a cloud-based daycare management solution designed for parents, teachers, caregivers and daycare directors. The solution is also suitable for senior care and other types of daycare. Key features includ... Learn more about -

DayCare Works is a cloud-based child care management solution. The solution is designed to assist Montessori schools, preschools, faith-based schools and franchised child care centers. Key features include record... Learn more about - DayCare Works

iCare is a cloud-based application for school management and parent-_teacher communication. It is designed to work on desktops as well as mobile devices and is suitable for child care and early education programs... Learn more about - iCare

CommunityRoot is a cloud-based child care solution designed for day schools and preschools. Key features offered include automated billing, custom engagement options, online payments and reporting capabilities.... Learn more about - CommunityRoot

Illumine App is a daycare and preschool management app. Illumine helps early education institutes to simplify their administration, manage fee payment and billing. It caters to the needs of Administrators, Teache... Learn more about - Illumine

CloudBB is a cloud-based after school management solution that helps educational institutions and child-care centers with?student registration, student check-in/check-out, class enrollment, and driver pick up sch... Learn more about - CloudBB

Cubsta is a cloud-based software that allows daycare providers to complete compliance related paperwork digitally and for parents to get better insights into their child?s early learning journey.The software ha... Learn more about - Cubsta

True ERP is an operations management suite available in both cloud-based and on-premise formats which caters to SMB enterprises like wholesalers, construction firms and retailers, along with others.True ERP con... Learn more about - TrueERP




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