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Most Popular - Business Music Software in 2019

Soundtrack Business is a music streaming service for businesses. It's built by Soundtrack Your Brand, a Spotify-backed company founded in 2013 to help businesses enhance the customer experience with music.; Sound... Learn more about - Soundtrack Business

Blend up to 4 music channels (from over 60) to create your own unique sound. All licenses are paid on your behalf. Scripts and short, impactful recordings to inform and upsell. Built for streaming your music, wit... Learn more about - Brandi Music For Business

Cloud Cover Music drives sales, influences customer behaviors, and motivates employees. Cloud Cover Music have designed a targeted music selection to reach your key demographics. It provides clean, ad-free, targe... Learn more about - Cloud Cover Music carries the public performance license for music ranging from the golden oldies to the latest hits. Expert music curators organizes this library into playlists engineered to drive sales and keep custo... Learn more about -

Overhead Music appeals to your customers' senses to complete an overall impression of your business. Luxury, style, youthfulness or comfort - Whatever goals you have for your customers' perception of your brand, ... Learn more about - Overhead Music

Pandora for Business combines the fun and personalization of Pandora's consumer application with Mood Media's business and licensing expertise. A super affordable, easy-to-use and tailored music solution that ele... Learn more about - Pandora for Business

PlayNetwork helps brands use music, content and technology to increase consumer engagement, in-store and beyond.; PlayNetwork helps brands use music, content and technology to increase consumer engagement, in-sto... Learn more about - PlayNetwork

Rockbot plays the best background music to achieve your vibe. Rockbot is a music and content delivery platform whose mission is to simply and reliably stream the right media to make a guest's experience great.; R... Learn more about - Rockbot

Create your own customized soundtrack. Set the mood and tone to give your business a consistent branded vibe. Schedule different soundtracks throughout the day to match the changing tempo of your business. Play m... Learn more about - Soundtrack Your Brand

Create your own radio station combining endless choices of artists, genres, and songs. Choose big-name recording artists and professionally produced commercials unique to your business by region, daypart and sale... Learn more about - SpectrioINSPIRE

Streamit provides several practical, reliable and affordable solutions to distribute your audio content. Whether you want to use streaming or store-and-forward. Streamit provides suitable streaming solutions.; St... Learn more about - Streamit In-Store Audio

Vibenomics gives you access to a fully-licensed library of music and an easy-to-use app that allows you to submit and receive customized, professionally recorded announcements the same day you request them.; Vibe... Learn more about - Vibenomics




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