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Most Popular - Account-Based Reporting Software in 2019

LeanData?s Lead Management Suite helps companies connect leads to account, route to the right rep, and enable them to do advanced analytics and reporting for running ABM campaigns. More than 300 high-growth busin... Learn more about - LeanData

The Terminus account-based platform provides everything you need to target best-fit accounts, engage them across channels, activate your sales team with actionable insights, and measure ABM success across all you... Learn more about - Terminus ABM Platform

Marketo, an Adobe company, offers the leading Engagement Platform that empowers marketers to build brand value, grow revenue, and prove impact. Consistently recognized as the industry?s innovation pioneer, Market... Learn more about - Marketo

Every-touch revenue attribution and advanced AI-driven revenue planning to enable every marketer?from CMO to channel manager?to discover customer journeys, impact digital transformations, and power company growth... Learn more about - Bizible

Demandbase?s ABM Platform provides the critical foundation that marketers need to execute on ABM effectively. It serves as a single source of truth for managing audiences of target accounts and measuring the prog... Learn more about - Demandbase

Engagio helps B2B marketers drive new business and expand relationships with high-value accounts. With our marketing orchestration software, you can create and measure engagement, so you get the tools you need fo... Learn more about - Engagio ABM Platform

Infer?s predictive lead scoring platform leverages the power of predictive analytics and big data to help you identify who your perfect buyers are, understand their purchasing behavior and stop wasting time on le... Learn more about - Infer

Madison Logic helps B2B companies accelerate growth by finding and engaging with the most influential people within the best accounts throughout the buyer journey. Marketers use our account-based marketing platfo... Learn more about - Madison Logic

Triblio provides a single integrated platform for helping Mid to Large Sized organizations launch & Scale their Account - Based Marketing Efforts. Triblio empowers B2B Marketing Organizations to Unify outbound an... Learn more about - Triblio

Jabmo is the ABM platform for global manufacturers. The company provides the whole solution to capture anonymous target account buyer activity and execute personalized account-based marketing programs. Jabmo acco... Learn more about - Jabmo

Full Circle Insights delivers marketing and sales performance management solutions to optimize a company?s marketing mix and drive more revenue. The company offers multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel me... Learn more about - Full Circle Insights

Mintigo is a B2B Customer Intelligence Platform, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), that provides a holistic view on where customers are in the buyer?s journey and guides marketing and sales teams on who to... Learn more about - Mintigo

RollWorks, a division of AdRoll Group, offers ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to confidently grow revenue and measure the impact of marketing campaigns. Powered by proprietary data and AI, Rollw... Learn more about - RollWorks

Zeta Hub is an intuitive solution designed for marketers. Creating, launching and measuring lifecycle marketing campaigns is managed in 4 modules: Discover, Design, Deploy and Analyze. Discover: Empower your data... Learn more about - ZetaHub

Adobe Campaign is a set of solutions that help you personalize and deliver campaigns across all your online and offline channels.; Adobe Campaign is a set of solutions that help you personalize and deliver campai... Learn more about - Adobe Campaign

CaliberMind offers ABM and Analytics power without the big platform overhead. Our ABM Converter? & Revenue Analytics solutions - built on top of our leading Customer Data Platform - enables marketers to grow reve... Learn more about - CaliberMind

Lane Four is a 100% native, account-based lead management app on the Salesforce AppExchange that bridges the gap between marketing automation and Salesforce. Whether you?re running Pardot, Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpo... Learn more about - Lane Four: Account-Based Lead Routing for Salesforce

6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. Using its private network of billions of time-sensitive intent interactions, 6sense uncovers net-new prospects at every stage of the funnel ... Learn more about - 6sense

AccountJoy is an Account Based Marketing (ABM) tool, backed by big data and machine learning, which assists with focused-marketing to specific sets of accounts (companies) you'd want to target via display adverti... Learn more about - AccountJoy

AccountPal is a comprehensive tool set for account centric sales and account-based marketing on Salesforce.; AccountPal is a comprehensive tool set for account centric sales and account-based marketing on Salesfo... Learn more about - AccountPal

For account-based marketing (ABM) success, we provide continuous visibility over time at many critical levels.; For account-based marketing (ABM) success, we provide continuous visibility over time at many critic... Learn more about - InstantABM

Kwanzoo bridges the gaps among martech, sales tech, and ad tech. It is an Account-Based (ABM) experiences platform for global B2B enterprises that leverages precise targeting and personalization to engage the ent... Learn more about - Kwanzoo

The key to unlocking the power of ABM4M is MightySignal's Salesforce Integration. Once you install our Salesforce Integration, you'll have an ongoing record of every account in your target market. As a result, yo... Learn more about - MightySignal ABM4M

MRP Prelytix's features and services support you at every stage of the customer acquisition journey.; MRP Prelytix's features and services support you at every stage of the customer acquisition journey.... Learn more about - MRP Prelytix

Opensense (formerly SenderGen) delivers beautiful email signatures, on any device . Our email signature management and analytics suite allow the Marketing and Sales teams to: 1) Centrally manage the look & feel o... Learn more about - Opensense

SAS Marketing Optimization enables you to make the most of each individual customer contact by determining how business variables, e.g., resource and budget constraints, contact policies, the likelihood that cust... Learn more about - SAS Marketing Optimization

With a decade of experience of Global Account-Based Marketing, Vendemore offers ABM as a managed service. We work with global Fortune 2000 companies to win big deals with their strategic accounts, whether it is p... Learn more about - VICS - Vendemore Analytics




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